​​Our "Endless Summer Sail " Spends the day sailing along the south and west coast of Oahu and anchoring along Oahu's remote west coast over night. The west side of Oahu offers uncrowded beaches, astonishing snorkeling and ample marine life including spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, and colorful schools of fish.

During the summer, Makaha Beach, well known for its big winter swells is flat, calm and perfect for relaxing aboard the boat or taking a short swim to the white sandy beach a few yards off the bow. Snorkel from your own yacht, sip on a beverage, or just enjoy your endless summer sunset.

This cruise may include a slightly different itinerary based on weather conditions and Captain's discretion.

   YachtOver Night
Ranger 33'   $800

Nordic 44'

Endless Summer Sails

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