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The Advantages of Sailing with Waikiki Sailing School

  • Competitive Prices

  • ASA Outstanding Instructor of 2013
  • Perfect Safety Record
  • Meticulously Maintained Yachts
  • Convenient Parking ~ Walk to Yachts
  • Sailing and Learning the ALOHA Way!
WSS FAQ list

WSS FAQ list

Last Update: 2017/05/05

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a. All of our sailing courses and charters are custom designed to meet your needs, skill level, time frame, and budget.
b. Private, semi-private, and shared sails are offered year round.
c. We have week days, weekends, 1/2 days, and multi-day sailing courses available all year long.

1.	What does Waikiki Sailing School offer? 

​The WSS Advantage