Sailing Rates
Yachts2 1/2 Hours3 Hours6 Hours24 Hours1 Week (7 days/6 nights) *

Ranger 33' (1 - 3 people)

Ranger 33' (4 - 6 people)


+ $120 each additional person


+ $120 each additional person


+ $120 each additional person


Not Available


Not Available 

Nordic 44' (up to 6 people)


Catamaran 48' (up to 6 people)

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​​​​​There is an additional $125 per Course/per person fee to incorporate ASA sailing certificates.

*Our 1-Week package includes a USCG certified captain/instructor, ice, fishing gear, cooking fuel,​engine fuel, linens and towels.


Provisions are not included in our rates. We offer standard split provisions at $35 per day, per person. "Split" means that you will be responsible for one or two dinners on shore (applicable to multi-day sails).  A menu provision list is available to you prior to your sail.  

As an alternative, you may elect to provision the boat yourself.  Choosing to provision the boat would entail menu planning, purchase of provisions, and family style preparation of all meals. 

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